Best Practice -1

Title: - Use of Smart Technology with Eco- Friendly Attitude

Objectives of the Practice

Smart Technology helps in the holistic development of the students in the present challenging and competitive scenario of the society. The main goals of the practice are

·    To use smart technology in teaching- learning process to make the learning more comprehensive and interesting.

·     To teach the students the use of internet to enhance their knowledge.

·    To aware the students of rural vicinity about the use of Internet in day to day life and to prepare them for competitive exams.

·     To aware the students about the use of Smart Technology with an eco-friendly attitude.

·    To develop a paperless work culture in the campus by introducing Whatsapp group and email to circulate official notices.

·     To make the campus lush green.

·     To inculcate an eco-friendly attitude among the students with a motto Save Earth Save Life”.

The Context

·     Technology can be used to improve teaching-learning process, to enhance the knowledge of the students for competitions and to make the teaching more interactive.

·      An eco- friendly attitude is essential today to live a happy and healthy life.

·      Technology makes the learning comprehensive and   easy.

·      Use of Technology makes the life easy and comfortable.

·      It develops a relation among the students and the teachers.

·     A protective use of technology and a clean environment are necessary to live a happy and healthy life. If we don't save the environment the technology is useless so in order to save life on this planet first we have to save it.

·      Technology develops employability and smartness among the students.

 The Practice

·    The institute has introduced smart classrooms, smart auditorium, smart library, computer     labs for the students to acquaint them with the digital world.

·      Internet facilities are provided to the students in the library to improve the standard of education and to promote research among the students.

·     To enhance creativity of the students and to develop paperless work culture the college has released ‘e-magazine ANAHITA the first e- magazine in the district.

·     To develop an eco-friendly attitude among the students the paper of environmental studies is compulsory and there is an Assistant Professor of environmental studies to teach and assign the environmental projects to the students.

·     NSS units organize various programs to aware the students about the current environmental needs and one day camp on “Tree Plantation” is organized to instill the habit of growing more trees among the students.

·    There is a botanical garden, rain harvesting system, solid waste management system, vermin compost system and various medicinal plants in the college campus.

·   The Alumni Association has also been registered to update the students about the experiences and achievements of their seniors and to take their feedback in order to improve the institute.

·     Competitions are organized from time to time on technology and environmental awareness by various committee and departments.

Evidence of success                                 

·    Online admission process, e-salary system, biometric attendance, digital administrations have been practised.

·     One year computer course have been taught to all the students of first year of all streams to equip them for various jobs in government and private sector.

·     The successful use of Smartech is evidenced by the huge presence of alumni in the Alumni   Meet organized recently in our college. The members are connected through a WhatsApp group.

·    The success is also reflected in the organization of Science Exhibitions held at college, zonal and district level. Smart projects are prepared by the students with the help of teachers and internet.

·     Almost all the students have created their email- id.

·     Teachers are connected to the students with help of social apps.

·     Teachers are using the smart boards to deliver their lecture in the form of power point presentation or videos.

·     The eco-friendly nature is evidenced directly from the lush green view of the campus.

·     The installation of rain harvesting system, solid waste management, vermin compost system, botanical garden, and proposal of solar system are some initiatives to make the college campus eco- friendly.

·      Students are made aware about eco friendly environment through various activities.   

·  Students have qualified various competitive exams and they have won positions in various competitions.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

·         The students are from rural areas, therefore, it is very difficult to teach them the use of the internet as they don't have Smart phones and internet access.

·         Smart boards are not connected with internet facility and the speed of Wi-Fi is also a big problem.

·         No alternate arrangement for power breakdown.

·         The college has no autonomous power to install solar energy system.

·         The Principal has not full autonomous power to start any scheme.

Best Practice – 2

Title of the Practice - Safety, Security, and Awareness

Objectives of the Practice

·    To provide a safe and Secure Environment to girl students.

·    To provide the girl self- defense training.

·   To   aware the girls about their fundamental rights and duties.

·    To empower the girls intellectually, economically and socially.

·    To make them a better as well as a responsible citizen so that they may face the challenges of day to day life.

·    To resolve the grievances of the girls timely.

·    To provide the transport facility to girls.

·     To aware the student about gender issues and discrimination against women in patriarchal society.

The Context

·    The majority of students are from nearby rural areas where the mentality of the  parents is not to send their wards in co- educational Institutes. Our institute provides the girls a protective environment so that they may explore their talent.

·    In a patriarchal society where honour   killing, female foeticide is in practice, it is a great challenge to save the girls.

·    The major issue of the present time is to make the girls independent and to save them from anti social elements.

The Practice

·     A PCR van and Durga Shakti van is always available in the campus.

·  Keeping in view the security of the girls CCTV cameras of high quality have been installed in the whole  campus and monitored properly.

·    There is a girl’s common room equipped with all facilities.

·    There is always a gatekeeper on the main gate and no one can enter without prior permission.

·     Apart from these facilities to address the girls’ problems there is a Grievance Redressals Committee.

·     A complaint box is also placed in the college campus.

·    Various lectures by the experts, workshops, competitions are organized by women cell, legal cell, NSS, Red Ribbon club etc. to aware the students about their personal and social issues.

Evidence of Success

Keeping in view our best practices this college is the priority of the parents. No complaint         has been registered regarding the safety and security of the girls. The government has started    some special buses for girls on some main routes and the girls feel safe, secure and stress free. The parents also feel happy and stress free due to the best practice of the college.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

·   To aware the girls about the anti social elements prevalent in the society.

·   To provide the Self defense training to all the girls.

·   To teach them the safe use of social media.

·   The degradation of moral values and adverse effect of social media is a big challenge.

·   Frequency of buses is not adequate because of which few of the girls leave the campus before attending       all the lectures.

·   The Principal does not have full autonomous power.

Institutional Distinctiveness

Government College for Women Jind is one of the best colleges in Jind, Haryana. The college vision and mission is to assure justice and equality to women and explore their creativity through curricular and extracurricular activities. To empower women and contribute to gender equity, girls of our college have been hoisting flags of success in skies of all colors- academics, cultural, and sports.

Academics: Our institute utilizes modern and innovative techniques in the teaching and learning processes to create awareness and enhance the educational skills of students. Our institute provides all the resources that can be utilized to enhance the academic performance of students. To acquire a better understanding regarding academic (theoretical and experimental) concepts, students are provided with all the essential materials the books, notes, learning materials, library facilities and laboratory facilities. The students belonging to deprived, and socio-economically backward sections of the society, are also given scholarships.

            Students are taught through interactive teaching-learning methods.  Students spare their leisure time in the library preparing for university/competitive exams through books, magazines, newspapers, and e-resources.  The performance of our institution in academics is reflected in top university positions grabbed by our meritorious students.

Cultural: Our institute provides a platform to showcase the hidden/inner talent of students; be it musician, dancer, actor, painter, writer, photographer, and dreamer. A Multitude of cultural activities vasant utsav, talent search programs, mehandi and rangoli competitions, speech and declamation contests etc. are organized round the year in an attempt to capture the vibrant persona of the students. Various committees and clubs organize the lectures, seminars, competititions, to promote/inculcate the national values and rights among the students. Our students not only participate in cultural activities but also snatch the top positions in the same.

Sports: A decade ago, women were looked down when it came to sports for they are always thought off as a weaker vessel; but with the success of our girl students in the foreground, society is now looking forward to us in sports. Girl students who play sports have higher levels of confidence, have a more positive body image and self esteem,  experience higher states of psychological well being and thus lower levels of depression than girls and women who do not play sports. Students learn from losses and gain from wins. Participation in sports activities prepare the students for a healthy competition in their future life. Sport is the area where the students traditionally learn about teamwork, goal setting, and other achievement -oriented behaviors critical for success in the work place.

Our institute has a playground for the girls. Many of our girl students represent at college, state, and national level in various events and brought glory to the Institute. A special provision is made for the students who are not able to appear due to their participation in sports activities. Students who participate in games are provided with special dietary requirements, sports uniform, and equipments. Scholarships are also provided to outstanding sportspersons. Students not only participate in the games like kho-kho, badminton, table tennis, handball basket ball, boxing, wrestling, and many other games at college, university, national and international level but also grab top positions in the same.

Safety and Security of Girls: Government College for Women Jind is one of the outstanding colleges in Jind. This college is located in close vicinity of the bus stand. Therefore, the students from the rural areas can access it very quickly. The college provides a very secure environment to the girls with the assets as CCTV, PCR and women cell. College basically offers various UG courses and also the B.Sc medical course which is rarely available in other women colleges in the district. The college uses the latest technology and makes the use of the e-resources. Smart classrooms and e-magazine are some of the new trends in this college which makes it very smart in saving the papers and in visualization of the topics to develop the deep understanding. This college owns a Multipurpose Hall of strength up to about 3000 peoples. This provides a platform in developing various skills in the students. The girl students of our college participate in various cultural activities at college, university, district level etc. Two NSS units are also active in the college which aware the students and other people about cleanliness and social evils. The college has well established laboratories of English language, physics, chemistry, geography, and computer science where students perform the experiments with a better/practical understanding of their respective subjects. The college is composed of well qualified teachers dedicated in their profession. These enlisted availabilities in the college thus lead to the positions in the university results and the students graduate with rich academic performance and find their future in the higher studies.

Thus equipped with all the latest techniques, our college provides a secure environment for all round development of the students and thus proves to be a boon to girls.