Survey Botany Department
In the field study of Botany for all the three classes of B.Sc Medical local field visits are organized, group wise and class wise depending upon the accessibility of various plants or plant materials. Students of B.Sc I have to collect algae, Fungi bryophytes and Pteridophyta. Algae and fungi are collected by students from their near by places which are further identified in the laboratory . Bryophytes availability is very limited, Students themselves collect species of funaria from the farm area where water is stagnant. Students of B.Sc II have to prepare herbarium. For identification and taxonomic point of view students visit to nearby herbal park in groups. As per the technical herbarium point of view students are asked to collect various taxa in their wild form. Students of B.Sc III have to collect hydrophytes and xerophytes. For the identification purpose of xerophytes Nehru park is visited. Hydrophytes are collected by the students from their native village A field report is required from students on economic botany. The samples are collected by students and are properly submitted as a report during the final examination. Students of zoology department B.Sc III have to visit a fishery farm as fishery is a part of syllabus. Students gain knowledge about habits, habitat, identification and breading of fish. 

Socio-economic Survey
Social economic survey is an important part of education to know the status of the people of various society. The sole aim of the socio economic survey of our country is to transform the social economic condition of the people living in the rural areas. More than 65% of the population have settled in rural areas where the problem of health, sanitary education and employment have not attain the adequate importance in policies made by government. Hence it is the need of the hour and for the fulfill the syllabi requirement of undergraduate classes to analyse the socio economic condition of rural areas and put forward the suggestions for the steps to be taken in order to solve the problem prevailing in the rural areas. The students of this college are being do social survey in different villages . The year wise students list along with the surveyed village is attached herewith.
Year- wise Detail of Social Survey Geography Hons. Sem 6th.
  Year villege Date of survey Total Students of Geog. Hons.  2017 Buana 22/02/2017 36  2018 Rajthal 2/02/2918 30  2019 Ikkas 5/2/2019 37  2020 Barar Khera 31/01/2020 38  2021 Bhadurgarh 5/04/2021 38    Year- wise Detail of Social Survey Geography Pass Course Sem 6th. 
  Year Name of Villege Date Total students  2015 Koth Kalan 13.02.2015 90  2016 Manoharpur 02.02.2016 74  2017 Dariya Wala 14.02.2017 143  2018 Haibatpur 13.02.2018 129  2019 Khokhri 13.2.2019 95  2020 Dhanni Ramgarh 28.01.2020 80  2021 Jalalpur 10.04.2021 92