·          The college visualizes a future where women empowerment is no more a goal but a reality. The vision of the college is assuring justice and equality to women in a patriarchal society by extending academic, economic, emotional and moral support.

·         To be recognized as a role model institution striving  for  the intellectual, physical , spiritual,  economic , social  and   holistic development  using modern technology, practical and innovative student centric methodology by providing a healthy, hygiene,  eco-friendly, safe, secure and stress free environment.



·         To become a Centre of excellence in higher education for women in an atmosphere of autonomy.

·         To provide a well-planned and smooth curriculum and implementation of it.

·         To govern the practices of the college based on values and moral principles.

·         To provide quality higher education to girl students to enable them to face the challenges of the society with courage and confidence and mold     them to be socially responsible citizens

·         To provide stimulating active learning environment attracting young women with exceptional desire to make a difference in the world.

·         To inculcate a responsible disciplined, hard-working, honest, self-restrain attitude among the students.

·          To facilitate the students   with best infrastructure   facilities.

·         To sensitize the students of their legal rights and duties, gender issues and environmental issues.

·          To provide the students financial support by implementing various govt. Schemes and utilizing various government grant for the welfare of the students.  To encourage the meritorious and talented students and provide them awards as per norms.

·         To explore the creativity of the students through extracurricular activities such as competitions, seminar, workshops,   lectures etc. 

·          To train the girls against the anti- social elements.